Case Study
  • 20MW Fishery Photovoltaic Project in Dapu, Hengyang, Hunan

    Product type: HSAT, HTSAT

    Project size: 20 MW

    Project Type: Fishery Photovoltaic Project

    Project Description: The depth of the project reservoir is 4.5 meters, using a horizontal single-axis tracking system, with segmented power generation, and centralized grid-connection.

  • Tenghui PV carport project

    Product type: HSAT Mount

    Project size: 0.62 MW

    Project Type: Industrial and Commercial Distributed Power Station

    Project Description: Carport Project

  • Phase II 50MW Photovoltaic Power Plant Project in Ganzi, Sichuan

    Product type:  HAST, Tracker Mount

    Project size:  50 MW

    Project Type: Plateau Power Station

    Project Description:  The project is located in an area of high altitude, low temperature, high sunshine hours and complex terrain. It adopts medium and small linkage.

  • 140MW Project in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhengtai, Zhejiang

    Product type:  HSAT Mount

    Project size: 140 MW

    Project Type:  Agricultural Photovoltaic Project

    Project Description:  The site is mainly built on beach tidal flats and is located in typhoon areas with high stability requirements. The project adopts a medium linkage mode.