Talent Development

Talent Concept

As the world's leading provider of solar tracker integration solutions, KINGSUN regards talent as the first driving force for the company's development. Through continuous technological innovation, we provide highly reliable, cost-effective and intelligently integrated products and solutions for photovoltaic power stations, to improve their efficiency, reduce power generation costs, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the solar energy industry.

The Company attaches great importance to talent development, values co-development between the organization and individuals, cares about their employees’ career management, and provides systematic training and development planning for them. We are convinced that by enhancing the core competencies of our employees and future leaders, greater success awaits.

KINGSUN welcomes everyone who is determined to join the green industry!

Career Development

In KINGSUN, employees can choose from the management or the technical expert development paths according to their career planning. The technical professional path can lead to the same recognition and return as the management path. The Company has a series of vocational training for different employees to help them meeting their ability requirements as soon as possible and achieve their career development goals.

Salary & Benefit

We provide employees with competitive benefit packages based on their positions and job responsibilities, and establish diversified incentive policies based on employees’ contributions, including performance bonuses, special incentives, and equity incentives.

Meanwhile, we provide employees with comprehensive insurance plans, including pension insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance, and unemployment insurance, as well as commercial medical insurance and supplementary provident fund.

Staff Life

KINGSUN is not only a workplace for us, but also a platform for self-realization and value creation. We value the balance of life and work of our employees, and regularly organize team-building activities to enhance teamwork and to create a team that is smart, efficient, united and innovative.

We actively carry out a variety of cultural activities to create a richer life for our employees outside of work, and to realize their life values.