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Win-win! KINGSUN Solar Assisted CHINT Baicheng 100 MW Top Runner PV Project Fully Connected to the Grid




    On December 20, the CHINT Baicheng project, which is located at the Top Runner PV project base in Baicheng, Jilin Province, was successfully connected to the grid. The total installed capacity of the project is 100MWp, of which 71.535MWp uses Kingsun Solar’s VersaTrack Horizon Single-axis Tracker with tilted modules(HTSAT). The tracker portion of the project consists with 25 arrays. Kingsun VersaTrack tracking system is a multi-row linked tracker. This project was designed to have 769 driving units.  Each standard driving unit has 10 rows, with 26 modules on each row.

    Customized Solutions for Low temperature resistance and Heavy wind Resistance

    Baicheng is located in the northwest of Jilin province, where the lowest temperature of minus 36.1 ℃ and the maximum wind speed could reach 35 m/s. In order to resist heavy wind load in low temperature, Kingsun carried out the detailed tracking scheme optimization and design work with its own proprietary technology.  Its one-stop tracking solution has advantages of high reliability, land utilization & power generation.

    Considering that Baicheng is located in a high latitude area, Kingsun has innovatively applied the HTSAT solution in this project to increase power generation. In order to ensure the reliability and stability, the tracking bracket was designed with considerations of high wind load, over all structure design and on-site construction services. Kingsun trackers withstood the extreme wind with the highest speed up to grade 8 in the continuous strong winds from November 26th to 28th.

    At the same time, to improve the land utilization rate, the project adopted the operation mechanism of "cultivation base + photovoltaic power generation". PV power stations are built on the top, and agriculture planting on the bottom, so as to realize the complementarity between farming and power generation. Kingsun took full considerations to optimize the height and spacing when was designing trackers.

    Focusing on providing stable and reliable intelligent tracking solutions

    Kingsun solar has always been committed to provide customers with stable and reliable PV tracking solutions. At present, the product application scenarios cover deserts, semi-desert, beaches, mountains, hills, arable agricultural land, water surface and other terrains.

    Different from the fixed tilt, the technical threshold of trackers in mechanical structure mainly lies in how to properly and accurately define, verify and calculate the wind load of the tracker structure. With its own proprietary methods, Kingsun has developed strong experience in wind load calculation of multi-row linked tracking system in recent years.

    "Based on the requirements of CHINT Baicheng project, we designed to improve the wind load requirements of this project, with the maximum design wind pressure reached level 11. At the same time, the project reduction driver, motor, bearing and other key equipment components have good resistance to low temperature”, a Kingsun Baicheng project manager said.

    In addition to the mechanical structure, the tracking algorithm and intelligent monitoring of the tracking system are integrated into the controller. Kingsun integrates the software and hardware technology of big data and artificial intelligence into the self-developed control system to improve the tracking efficiency through machine learning and algorithm.  This enables mitigating the impact of abnormal weather to component safety, reducing shadow blocking, and achieving the maximum power generation.